Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Get the document translation right with adequate communication

When translating documents, the source document quality is directly related to various factors like time is taken to translate the document, cost of translation as well as the speed and expense of translating similar such documents in the future. Along with taking care of these factors, it is the level of communication between the author and the translator that needs to be improved to achieve the most of document translation. The best translation agencies in Delhi and around the world consider strengthening communication strategy as their prime idea to get the effective most translation through the documents.   

When certified translators or experts go through the source documents they consider it a complete story or presentation with words that flows seamlessly from start to the end. The time they are handed over the document they start with getting the exact message from it and then begin with replacing the words and phrases with others to get the message make sense in the other language, too.  As per the translation agencies in Delhi and around the world flowery language, idioms, and colloquialisms aren’t of much use in the translation business and are instead making the whole program all the tougher. Buzzwords and abbreviations need to be altered, removed or replaced by explanatory phrases. They break down every terminology, signs and symbols to bring in the unity of text and make the translating process all the more at ease.

But no one other than the owner and author of the document themselves knows the information in the texts well. After all, it is their data, their content and nobody better than them knows about the message included in them. In order to ensure that the translation firms that you have hired provide the same message through the translated document as contained in the original one, you need to have a good bi-directional communication with them. A style guide by your side will further assist the translators in getting to know your taste, selection of words and as a whole maintains consistency in all the translated texts.

Without effective communication amongst the language translation services companies and the clients there can be a wide gap between their thoughts and mindsets which will end up in extreme translation disasters. Instead of getting messed up in the post-editing hassles because of silly errors, phrase selection and misunderstandings it’s better to interact closely with the client and deliver something worthy of the client’s business requirements.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

3 Mistakes your language translator may do

Language translation is a labor-intensive process of communicating the text written in one language (L1) to the different cultural readers who understand and speak another language (L2). It involves the substitution of different words in source language with the most suitable words in the target language. The language may differ, but not the meaning. The meaning and essence of a text should remain the same and deliver the readers the same experience as the original text might have given. It requires best language translators to have stupendous intellect, brainstorming, and the language proficiency to recreate a text with same cultural gist and experience. You will find all the best language translators in only the professional and reputed language translation agency in Delhi.

While many translation agencies in Delhi employ only the professional and experienced language translators, but many make all major and minor mistakes in translation which can degrade the overall quality of the original as well as a translated copy of the text. To ensure the supreme quality of document translation in Delhi, relying solely on the translators won’t do. You should also check your document after translation to spot the mistakes or errors that your translator might have overlooked.

Mistakes to watch out in your translated document

1.    Although the ones who offer language translation services in Delhi take complete responsibility of delivering you the edited and finalized version of the document, still they miss on some of the text of the document to translate. Phrases, phone numbers, paragraphs, idioms, do not necessarily require translation but should be contained in the translated version. Better it would be to include them all in the annotations or footnotes.

2.    Your language translator might have misinterpreted the original text and written something else in L2 which has completely different meaning and implication. You would not want your book or document to be misinterpreted by huge readership, would you? Therefore, you should carefully read and examine the book to verify this. If you find any mistake, contact immediately to the concerned translation agency in Delhi.

3.    You, as a writer, may make common mistakes such as spelling error, grammatical and punctuation mistakes. It’s quite normal. Your translator might also make these trivial errors which may deteriorate the overall quality of the book. The reader cannot comprehend your book if the punctuation is misplaced or language is incoherent. Therefore, the sooner your translation company in Delhi delivers you the work, review at the earliest and get them corrected if you find any fault. 
Availing the cost-effective language translation services in Delhi is recommended to get the best quality document translation which appeals to your target readers. But, it’s your responsibility also to keep a check on what your language translation company delivers to you.

Technology Empowering Translators in Multi-faceted Way

Let alone the progress science and technology is making, now the translation industry is adapting itself to celebrate the technological advances. No doubt, a human mind is capable of infinite brainstorming and bringing every time something new to the table. But, the fact cannot be denied that with technology, something can be more precise and innovative and can be put forth more efficiently. Yes, it is about the latest translation management technologies invading the conventional discourse of translation. The way how translation services in India are offered by the companies has taken an all-new shape. Artificial Intelligence (AI and Machine-learning (ML) empowers the translation agencies in India and foreign because it simplifies the hectic processes involved while translating any document from simplest to the complex.

How Machine learning provides a helping hand to the language translators?

AI & ML bred such tools and software that saves translators a great deal of time and increase their productivity by 30%. Following are few of the tools that individual language translators as well the language companies in Delhi widely choose:

1.    Computer Aided Translation (CAT)
CAT tools assist professional translators to boost their productivity. CAT software shares much of its features like a text editor but differs with many advanced translation features. Termbases, the translation glossaries which include recurring words and phrases, pre-translate the words and phrases automatically and maintains the consistency for the translator. At language translation agencies in Delhi, CAT tool which has translation memory saves lives! It keeps an organized record of all the previous translations done and when the translator does something similar to it, it makes it easy to import and reuse the previous translations. The tool also comes integrated with instant resource lookup for the translator to find online and offline dictionaries and reference materials easily saving the translators’ a whole lot of time.

2.    Machine Translation (MT)
The firms offering the best language translation service in Delhi are availing the benefits of Machine translation. Machine translation tools are completely automated software that translates the speech or writing into the target language without any help of human translators. However, there are several quality issues in the translated document which translators can edit later on. Until now, machine translation is not 100% successful to produce accurate document translation, but it has lightened the heavy loads of burden from the shoulders of language translation companies in Delhi.

3.    Translation Management System (TMS)
Using TMS, professional language translators can organize as well as streamline the cumbersome job of file handling and facilitate the work processes in translation. Not only does it increase the translator’s productivity by automating processes, but centralized linguistic assets also cut short the costs and valuable time for every language translation company in Delhi. All the content produced in different languages, all linguistic assets such as translation memories and termbases) must be stored and managed in one place.

How can you keep your translation costs to a minimum?

Whether you are thinking to avail language translation services in Delhi for website translation project or academic assignment, the costs are always expensive. The overheads that translation agencies in Delhi have to bear gives a bouncing hike to the average quoted price for language translation service.
Costly language translation services in Delhi aren’t feasible for everyone, especially if you are a novice writer trying to carve your identity in the world of literature. Your one book is written in your mother-tongue portraying that one breath-taking idea and concept should be explicable to the global readers, regardless of their location, culture, and language. This can only be done by a translator who has the same level of intellect and writing skills. And, such professional translators, often, offer expensive translation service in Delhi. You must be wondering if there is any possible way to keep the translation costs at a minimum while taking assistance from a reputed language translation company in Delhi. Well, there are plenty! Find them below and you will thank us later.

1.    Give enough room and time to the translator
The language translation services are customized on the basis of the time. If you want document translation in two days only, the translator would charge you expensive for last-minute translation. But, if you want the same translation project in 15 days, the prices would be low. Therefore, allow the translator to work on it, edit, proofread and review it again so that you get the best quality translation at minimal costs.

2.    Hand over only the finalized documents 
Make sure you only give translation agency in Delhi the finalized version of your book and not the drafts. If you give them one of your rough drafts, they may quote you more charges keeping the editing and revisions required prior translation work. Therefore, the best way is to get all editing, proofreading, and revision work on your own and hand only the finalized version to them.

3.    Pay per word, and not per page
Nearly 50% of the translation agencies in India decide on translation pricing on the basis of a number of words. But, the others ask their clients to pay on the basis of a number of pages. Instead of a number of pages, you should opt for the pay-per-word option as you will only pay for every translated word. The translator cannot extend the page count on by himself if you pay on per word basis. The average number of words in one page is around 250 words.