Friday, 24 May 2019

A quick rundown on translation industry

Doing business in this digital age has never been so easy! From a street side grocery shop to the best of translation agencies in Delhi have hopped on the technological bandwagon in order to increase their revenue and become the biggies in their respective fields. Though the latest fad of automation of repetitive and trivial tasks is taking every industry by storm, the translation industry remains slightly affected being cognitive-intensive. Even the expert translators at translation agencies in Delhi admit the fact that digital technology may transform the industry for good, but cannot completely replace the human translators. Earlier, Machine Translation (ML) used to translate in phrases correctly, but today, AI and ML powered tools can translate the language in real time.

Combining the power of human intellect and machine, the translation agencies in Delhi and all around the world can cater to the tons of clients better and deliver them, rich customer, experience. From helping them in localising their website for the target country to guiding them on multilingual customer interaction, translation agencies armed with both machine and human translation capabilities are winning the market.

The expert language translation services are in high demands because of the globalisation. Who would have thought that translation practices can result in the emergence of a full-fledged industry? Though the translation industry is still at a nascent stage, the ground-breaking innovations are taking people by storm.  The ordinary tools and software that were used for basic translation have been reconfigured or say, re-engineered with cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning (DL).  The tech companies have already explored the scope of these machine translation tools and buckled up to innovate and customise them according to their client needs.

Keeping the headcount minimum and increasing their work efficiency is the goal of almost every company. But, the companies that receive massive demands need to have human resources as well as data-driven translation software and tools to manage the work seamlessly and on time every time. Because technology cannot exactly function like a human mind and cannot understand nuances of the language, human intelligence is needed and will remain imperative to tackle the pain points of the translation process for the years to come. And so, the demands of language translators in Delhi and all around the globe are bound to increase manifold as more and more businesses will flourish and globalise.

Monday, 20 May 2019

Technological innovations—helping hand for the translators

A human mind holds the infinite power of the universe and is capable of transforming the antiquated ways of working like never before. Technology is the creation of a human mind that did not only take Finance, Banking, Fashion, and Infrastructure by storm, but is also progressing towards disrupting the translation industry. Especially, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and other branches of Natural Language Processing (NLP) are truly a blessing to language translation agencies in Delhi as they are able to help translators in catering to the overwhelming requests of writers, editors, and businesses.

The cutting-edge technologies and tools save much of the translators’ time and almost double their productivity. Though software cannot match up the precision and accuracy in translation as a human mind can, these do help accomplish the menial tasks that require the least attention of the translators. The companies offering language translation services in Delhi harness the potential of translation technologies and the power of human intelligence. Below are a few widely used translation software and tools that improve the delivery of language translation services.

Computer-aided translation (CAT) tools
There are various CAT tools available in the market that even the best translators in Delhi recommend for use. With the premium features of the translation tools like a text editor, the translators can access an extensive database of the glossaries that contain recurring words and phrases. The insertion of words and phrases in an auto mode, rewriting of the language, and maintenance of the consistency of translators are some of the benefits of CAT tools that the translators in Delhi leverage. Moreover, such tools keep the record of all the translated documents in a well-organised manner which one can access anytime anywhere. These tools also contain online and offline dictionaries and reference material.

ML-powered software
The companies that are world-renowned for language translation services in Delhi are the ones that use machine learning tools to translate speech or to write from the source language to target language with 100% accuracy. First, the translators translate the entire document using the tools and then edit that document twice and thrice to check for accuracy, convey the exact meaning of the text in the target language, and maintain the essence of the language.

Translation Management System (TMS)
Most of the invaluable time of the translators is consumed by the cumbersome file handling and extensive documentation process. The translation management systems manage these processes well and in lesser time through automation. When TMS systems automate such repetitive and time-consuming tasks, the costs are reduced, time is saved, and efficiency is amped-up.

Monday, 13 May 2019

How Social Media Language is Impacting on Translation

You won’t be translating your social media posts for everyone. Only if you are a global company, then to interact with your audience you need to establish your presence in the platform. But to reach out to all audience in the international market do you have to translate every single post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram? No, you have to come up with a strategy to choose contents, languages and which are the social sites you want to impact in relevance to your business and target audience. Here comes the requirement for hiring the best among various languages translation agencies to translate only those posts that need multi-lingual translation to land inside the heart of global customers.

Social Media Language
The emergence of social media changed the trajectory of how we speak and communicate. Many new words are created, and existing words are repurposed frequently. There are new jargons and terminologies are coming into existence mostly in English as all the popular social media platforms are originated in the US. Most of these words also don’t have an equivalent meaning in other languages; like "Tweet" now has becoming posting on Twitter along with meaning birds' chirping. A literal translation of such words will not carry the same significance as the original version.

The Arrival of Emojis
We know shorthand writing, and now that has taken the form of emojis. In 2015, it was announced as the quickest growing language. There are lots of debates on emojis. Some believe that emoji trend is killing the creativity of the writing, and other people think the opposite. 

Various brands are using the emojis in a different creative way to share the mood of their branding. These emojis are elevating and enhancing the words of a line when used suitably. If one can incorporate emojis in social media, digital marketing and email marketing which the language translation services in Delhi also know, they are more engaging then just regular words.

Creative Translation Techniques
When it comes down to creative translation, one typical technique doesn't go with all. You need to tailor your approach for making it appropriate for the target audience of various parts of the world; if your business is hitting the worldwide market. Expert translators are learning all the new way of creative translations for companies that have international and local influence over social media platforms. With social media platforms, the taste and tone changes with time so do the expertise of the translators.

Friday, 10 May 2019

Importance of a Translator for Making International Digital Marketing Strategy

The world is getting smaller and smaller day by day. But the translation requirements are becoming more substantial at the advent of globalisation. Companies are focusing on ruling the hearts of international customers and clients as the digital space has opened up the barriers of worldwide marketing. Many small to large businesses with their specialised skills or products are reaching out to the masses.

It has become more urgent to have a translator for every company to publish written contents for multi-lingual customers across the sea. Here is some importance of a translator to reach global market via digital marketing:

Localise Your Website
Your website is the gateway to your virtual shop window for customers all across the world. It will be the most important asset of your company for reaching out to international customers. Many times it will be the first place where your new customers get introduced to your company. They will want to know about your business, going through your website's contents.

If the language of the website stays static, then it will be challenging to keep the retention rate of potential customers, as many customers from local places may speak a regional language than English. So you need to hire Best Translator in Delhi to take care of various regional language translations for your website to reach both international and local clients

Translating Your Other Brand Materials
Apart from your site, there are other materials that require translation to reach out to multi-lingual masses. Marketing materials, like online assistance, instruction manuals, price tags, brochures all need to be multi-lingual to impact the global market place.

Localising your social media profiles for the important markets can be the best opportunity to reach out to the masses via strong social media platforms as billions of users are there.

Translation, an Ongoing Process
It is better to hire languages translation services in delhi as localisation requires ongoing assistance from translators. It is not a one-off task. To effectively campaign in social media platforms, regular posts, updates, and responses are a vital part. Your main asset, your website may not require frequent updates but to impact through the social media, continuous flow of content is very crucial and that requires the magic of an expert translator.

If you work with the same translator, the pattern of your content will be consistent, and the tonality of the messages will be similar throughout every platform.