Thursday, 14 March 2019

Never underestimate the power of not-so-popular social media channels

The unprecedented rise of social media has given birth to many new powerful platforms. No doubt the social media biggies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn still rule the social media space, overlooking the potential of other emerging platforms may get you outshined anytime.

A study by UMass-Dartmouth says that 98 per cent of Fortune 500 level companies use LinkedIn, 91 per cent use Twitter, 89 per cent Facebook and 63 per cent use Instagram. However, there is also a hidden group of niche social media players that most PR agencies and social media companies ignore.

We have made a list of four such social media platforms; let’s have a look.
Reddit is a customer service channel for addressing concerns and answering queries about any product. The creative concepts like “Ask Me Anything” sessions (AMAs) had their genesis on Reddit. In a nutshell, it’s a customer service channel, which is mostly ignored by today’s social media mavens and has the potential to generate results if utilised correctly.

Nextdoor is a private platform designed to keep you updated with the neighbourhood. There is a massive barrage of PR agencies and social media companies in Delhi, who if utilise this platform can update their customers about the brand they serve in a very personalised way. However, all of that should take place without any profit motive. Nonprofit content works best here.

Pinterest is like a digital bulletin board where you can pin all the things that you like or that inspires you or anything that’s relevant for you. It’s not a chat platform but a digital space where you can pin and save your favourite products/things. Others can visit it, and if they like it, they can buy it by going to the particular link. That’s how you can generate traffic and promote products through Pinterest.

Quora is a place for anyone to put queries and get answers from across the world. Here you can answer myriad questions and also teach people about your product. Queries also give you a view of what people are looking for or are interested in. Quora nowadays is used by millions around the world and can be an excellent platform for social media companies and PR agencies to pull customers.

So, these are a few social media channels that speak loud of its potential to grab attention and cut the deal. Strategically using them can help brands to win more customers in today’s fast-paced digital world.

Monday, 11 March 2019

Translation and Localization in today’s ever changing digital world scenario

With rapid technological advances easing and improvising several business processes, translation agencies in Delhi and around the world are also expected to get on the technological bandwagon. In an increasingly digital world, organizations demand an excellent blend of human and machine translators that can quickly help them in leveraging diverse languages for better customer interaction and operations across the globe.  While the previous versions of Machine Translation (MT) existed only in the phrase-based translation form, now it’s been in high demand that these tech-enabled translation services get flexible in real time, too. 

The Translation Industry in 2018
While the demands from language translation services in Delhi and around the world are increasing massively, the experts suggest that still the year 2018 wasn’t much exciting as no earth-shattering developments took place in the domain. As the revolution was still distant, the industry witnessed an evolution. The primary steps of this evolution included the innovation of translation and localisation tools due to progressive technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Automation and Machine Translation.  Large organisations with massive amounts of content to share have already explored these tools for their translation purposes, and slowly the middle and small companies are also working at including these technologies in their functions.

There has been some progress in the way data-driven localisation and translation through online channels were being made, but still, these tech-enabled translators lack the adequate knowledge of nuances of each language. This is where arises the need of expert language translators in Delhi and around the nation. These seasoned professionals are well-versed with the nuances of various languages. The translation agencies in Delhi and other metropolitan cities have also laid pressure on the fact that the human translators are still in need to capture and measure the strong impact or the pain points of the localised or translated content piece.

A look ahead at what 2019 holds for the Translation Industry
As per the expert predictions, the need for translation and localisation won’t stop but will keep on growing as the globalisation is currently at its peak. Linguistic experts expect to see a massive rise in the number of language translators in 2019 and beyond. While AI’s penetration in the industry will become fierce, it’s advised that the translation professionals need to fear about losing jobs but should flex a little as per the changing technologies. While the robots and translation applications would do a lot of first translation, the human perspective will always be there for the editorial perspective. 

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Why Language Translation is Important for Small Businesses

The Internet has become the best means of communication mostly in all the fields. It revolutionized the meaning of "global village" which means there is no barrier of geography and language. It increased the need for translator and Languages Translation Agencies have captivated the attention. Many small businesses have reached out to more and more audiences through online advertising.

Now Translation Services in Delhi has become an essential part for small business to increase the horizon of their client database. In an attempt to make a strong foothold in the global industry, small businesses are approaching language translators. They are translating their business profile in competition with their global competitors. Best advice is to make a foothold in the local market before leaping towards the global market as your competitors may have an already stronghold in the domestic sector.

Written media has also become important for advertising. The printed press also serves the same as the online realm, for the small business as it opens up the scope for them to reach out to diverse clients who speak in their local dialects. Unlike big brands, small businesses need to regionalize their advertisements to gain acknowledgment among different masses.

Thus Languages Translation Services in Delhi have become essential for small businesses. The language translation services are mostly applied for the online advertising system than other places. Proper translators are in demand as they have profound knowledge about local and other languages. 

They must know about the service or product to help the small businesses to be hit among local masses. The demand for Best Translator in Delhi has become so high that more people are opting to become a translator. People are getting expertise to promote small businesses over the local market through the gift of the internet. But small businesses must look out for best in the translation business as it is about establishing their own business to a broader realm. 

Thoroughly depending upon the good translators, small business websites now offer the multilingual interface option to connect right cords with people with the local dialect. Many small business websites also provide some international language options on their sites. This helps customers from facing any language barrier problems while they are trying to place any orders or merely want to understand a product or service. As more and more small businesses are planning to advertise their products and services in multilingual format, the requirement of language translators will start to flourish.

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Languages Translation Agencies Services - Widen Your Marketing Reach Globally

A decade ago, entrepreneurs would laugh at the idea of using languages translation agencies. They felt that they do not need translation services and could somehow manage. Sadly, time proved them wrong, and the situation is such that, several thousand translation and interpreting service firms have opened up throughout the globe.

Not to mention, the rates of providing translation services have increased dramatically. That is because translation work involves intense amount of research, effort, and time. A translator needs to ensure that he/she is interpreting the language, dialect, and format in the right manner.

The reason for that being, marketers want to target audience from other countries in buying their wares. The need to tap into other markets has risen due to the saturation in local land and hence marketers have no choice, but to utilize the services of translation services in Delhi.  

How translation agencies enable you to wide your reach?

Apart from the translation services, you need to understand that these agencies have professionals who are good at marketing. They have a good understanding of the prevailing market conditions of your target country and advise you likewise.

A translator enables you to communicate effectively with your foreign clients and notifies you if he/she comes across anything shady. If you need translation services for documents, which are highly technical and difficult, like product manuals and legal contracts, then you can make of them.

You now enabled to interact with several businesses using local demographics

You can find a major part of the population residing in countries like America, UK, and India, based from Africa and China. In some cities of India, like Delhi, you can find more than 15% of the working population based from other states and countries.

This is when the services of a best translator in Delhi would come into use. As a local business, you do not stand to lose out to local competitors anymore. Not to mention, you benefit personally too. You need to get some legal work done, but do not know the local dialect.

No problem, with the help of the translation and interpreting services, you now can convey your message and get things done without hassle.

As you can see, languages translation services in Delhi forms an important part of both professional as well as personal usage. Since, you have several options at your service you can now take your time and then decide on the agency, which meets your requirements.