Saturday, 23 August 2014

PR in 2014 and Beyond

Businesses which are missing to impress target audience, adding new customers and retaining the existing client should review their Marketing and Public Relations(PR) activities. The only thing is constant in this world, which is 'Change' and PR too is changing with the changes in world's marketing and business scenario, with the revolution in communications and advancement in digital technology. PR in 2014 and beyond will be bit different from the practices which were popular few years back.
First of all, content is going to play a pivotal role in the future of PR, that's why content is known as the future of marketing. Effective, efficient and engaging content for websites, social media, press releases, articles and circulars is the need of the time. creative content rules the world and gone are the days when people were not annoyed by the clich├ęs and uncreative jargons. Right from the birth of a brand to its growth and maturity, the content creator should be creative enough to weave the story of a brand. Story attract people and boring details distract the mind of target customers. It is the responsibility of PR agencies to create a buzz of the brand using all types of communication media and great content in all the formats. 

Integrity depicts strength, coordination and solidarity in purpose. PR in 2014 and beyond is heading towards the integrity of print, electronic and digital media. there should a strong connection in all types of PR activities, whether it is promotion on social media or participation of a brand in an exhibition, coverage and promotional content must be coherent in meaning and essence. On the other hand there should be significant contribution of different departments of the organisation in fuelling a PR campaign. In this era, recognition is more important than name and image is more powerful than identity, those who know the art of using different media may benefit from fruits of PR in 2014 and beyond.


  1. I like your blog post. Keep on writing this type of Blogs.... Thank you :)

  2. Thank you admin for the post.
    Is is absolutely True about PR and it well said about Content too that Content either for websites or content for Social Medias or vice-visa is always King. and also plays very very important role.

  3. Grt PR Information , Thanks for Posting....

  4. great information. liked every bit of it. good job

  5. No doubt content is going to rule the PR as well as Marketing in the near future.