Monday, 27 November 2017

4 Convergence Axes that transformed the PR World

Convergence, the latest buzzword in the PR industry that has phenomenally transformed the working scenario, needs not to be ignored at any cost. PR practitioners need to understand that the ignorance of the same will make them incompetent and irrelevant in the massively competitive PR world. The convergence that is happening on a number of axes and along with a number of technologies is not just changing the way people interact, but is also bringing a fresh zeal in the industry relationships, and new ways of doing work are erupting, breaking down the walls between disciplines, organizations and audiences. The PR Agencies in Delhi and all over the country are facing the extreme challenge of analyzing the current morphing trends and assessing what to include and what not to include. The challenge seems to be extreme, but if done properly can reap many great benefits.
Here are the four key areas facing convergence that is transforming the entire PR scenario thus changing the way PR services are being done:
1.      Media outlets and media sources
Today, PR professionals, as well as the clients they are working with, aren’t just restricted to the news spread off by the media houses to reach their audience; instead, they themselves are part of the mass media crowd. But this advantage of getting the right to be heard has not earned much trust from the media houses considering the increased number of fake news and credibility issues. The trust can be earned only through real and consistent behavior and not the verbal claims.
2.      Competitors and collaborators
The 21st century is witnessing the PR Agencies are coming together and collaborating with events and major clients. To earn the maximum of fruitful benefits, the PR Firms are even not hesitating in pairing up with their competitors. During several economic emergencies like that of demonetization and GST, the PR world witnessed many good collaborations breakdowns and may rival get closer to set the competitive bar a bit higher for others. To survive in this unpredictable environment, it’s better to not indulge in mouth- blabbering and concentrate on the growth of one’s own PR Company with the right measures.
3.      Physical and virtual reality Like other industries
PR and communication sector is also hugely affected by the convergence of physical and virtual worlds. Earlier the communication theory considered face-to-face as the most effective communication method, but with the website and social media craze hitting on all, online communication is taking centre even in the PR strategies. To go well with this convergence, one needs to strike the adequate balance between both, online and offline media and their respective strategies.
4.      Public relations, communication, advertising and marketing

Public Relations is a genre that is considered important since ages back in the business and marketing world, but it is still not clear to many that what actually it includes. While people were making efforts to ascertain the actual meaning of the term PR, further confusion seems to be triggered by the convergence of Public relations with communications, advertising and marketing functions. To clear out all the confusion and succeed the competition by including this convergence in the working, it’s important to focus on the basic and first principles of each profession to draw the line of differentiation.

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