Friday, 27 July 2018

A how-to-guide on hiring a translation professional online

It’s true that while the virtual world has brought most of our daily tasks to ease, there still remains some that have become even more challenging after going online and connecting with a professional translator is amongst one of those. The task is challenging not only because your business project requirements include specific industry knowledge but also because it is tough to find good translation agencies in Delhi & around the world especially when there is a flood of fraudsters is filled up in the industry. Voila! the good news is that the online marketplace is maturing quickly making it easier and more convenient to connect with reliable and seasoned professional translators in Delhi or in any part of the world that possess adequate business skills and industry specific knowledge. But, before taking the plunge into the online world here are a couple of crucial questions that needs to be answered.
·         How and where to connect with skilled translation service provider?  
One of the most important things to first take into consideration is to concentrate on using a specialist language translation service provider instead of wasting time & efforts with generic freelancers. The benefit of using a certified translator with an online platform is that it instantly eases up your path to international markets and enables you to easily connect with native language experts.   Make sure that the online profiles of the PR professionals you are planning to hire are accessible for viewing. Once up with their profiles check out their skills, knowledge experience as well as examples and references of works proving all the mentioned attributes.  If your project requires specific industry skills or vocabulary then online availability of profiles makes it easy to compare and get the translation result spot on. While dealing with the translators don’t mess up things, have a crystal clear idea of what you want for whom you want and in how much time do you want the translation work to be delivered.
·         What qualities to look out for while making a choice of a professional translator?
While hiring, make sure that the professional holds deep insight about the given subject. For instance if there is requirement of a legal document translation, then the hired translation firm should ensure that  the person assigned with the job is well versed with the legal terms and their usage in a particular case. While this might look like minor translation errors, in reality this ends up in a big mess where the meaning of legally binding document gets completely changed. Similarly, if one is looking for the translation of poetry works, it’s important to make sure that the assigned professional clearly understands the emotions and their context and translate it accordingly.  Timeline needs to clearly define to the translator as this would help them in scheduling the translation, editing and proofreading steps accordingly and deliver a perfect solution of your work. While deciding on the cost factor don’t just focus on cutting the cost but think of barraging only when the aforementioned requirements of a good translation work are fulfilled. 

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