Tuesday, 31 July 2018

How to Avoid Common Errors in Translation?

It’s the innate human tendency to make mistakes. Barely, it matters, how many times you try to avoid them, and some mistakes are meant to happen all over again. In the language translation process, even the slightest mistake done by the translator can cost heavy on the author’s pocket. Below is the handy-dandy list of helpful tips to avoid making errors throughout the translation process.
Use Computer Assisted Tools whenever required
In language translation agencies in Delhi, there are tons of work projects that translators need to complete on time. A large number of projects lined up make the translators lose concentration due to tiredness and exertion. Amidst several yawns and open-eyed naps, mistakes in translation are way too common. Well, it’s time language translators in Delhi need to accept this natural reality and try different methods to correct the situation. There a number of quality CAT tools that spot the common mistakes so that the human language translators can actually focus on more important and complex translation tasks. Terminology, the accuracy of the spelling, sentence structure, glossaries, and language consistency can be easily checked by the smart CAT tools. Another perk of using CAT tools is that language translators in Delhi can improve their efficiency and productivity in translation.
Check with client glossaries
The editable files and client glossaries that are given by the clients are converted into a translatable format which makes CAT tools to analyze the content and highlight the glossary matches or any text similar to any of the previously translated text. The translator can then review the glossary matches to check for the right ones. According to language translators in Delhi who use CAT tools in translation, some glossary matches found may refer to completely different meanings. Therefore, it’s the translator’s job to check what works in which context in order to comply with the glossaries provided by the clients.
Quality Assurance Tools for Better Quality Check
After translating the client’s documents, the translated version is subject to final editing and proofreading, which is the quality assurance stage. Expert language translators in Delhi use QA tools for checking the overall quality of the translated version. Such tools not only help detect the errors in the document but also allow the translators and project managers to spot the terms or untranslated terms. QA tools instantly look up to 1000 word page in only a matter of seconds and detect from smallest to big errors quickly, and produce a final QA report suggesting the errors and improvements to get corrected and done respectively. Almost every language translation company uses the QA tools for assuring only the quality translation of the document.

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