Tuesday, 3 July 2018

What is back translation and why does it matter?

Everybody knows what is language translation—a process of reproducing a particular content from one language to another language with accuracy and precision. But, do you know what back translation is? It is one of the methods of checking the overall quality and accuracy of translated content. In a simple translation, the original text in the source language, let’s say in Hindi, is translated into the target language, English for example. However, this translated content in the target language is translated back to its source language by best English to Hindi translator to cross-check if the translation was earlier done right or not. The translator who does the back language translation is not the same one who did the original translation earlier. The issues such as improper sentence structure, incoherent language, inappropriate use of words, missing out on important details are traced and rectified.

Compared to the simple L1 to L2 translation, back translation (L2 to L1) is not only cumbersome but hectic. Due to the intricacies involved in this reversal process, English to Hindi translation service is expensive than Hindi to English translation service offered by language translation services in Delhi. Back-translation is time-consuming, expensive, but a truly a reliable method to check for the supreme quality of the language translation.

But, don’t we all know that every text is subject to countless interpretations and meanings? Then, how can one conclude if a particular translated version is correct or not? That’s a tough question to which none of the professional translation agencies in Delhi can give a precise answer. A translated text can be interpreted in several ways and all can be considered correct, similarly, a back-translated text can be interpreted and call accurate depending on the perspectives.

Back-translation may not declare a translated text perfectly accurate, but it surely can identify the work of poor translation. If a work is translated exceptionally well by a Hindi to English translator (as our previous example), its back-translation might only be of mediocrity. That’s because back translation highlights the issues and mistakes very clearly.

According to many certified translators in Delhi, words, phrases, and idioms of source language might not exactly match with the others in the target language. These can never be literally translated. Even when you opt for the best translation services in Delhi, Bangalore or anywhere, the translators truly respect the content in the original work and try to justify it with their capabilities instead of duplicating content and translating it word by word.

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