Friday, 10 August 2018

Role of Social Media Translations in Boosting Online Marketing Strategy

With companies realizing the power of tapping the international markets through digitization, there is another big dilemma of making a choice between the native language and the multilingual approach for their website and social media portals facing them. But as advised by most of the industry experts and business people the best shot for a company will be to go with the multi-language versions of their online channels. If the company is facing a budget constraint, then the trick to make it big in the online world is by doing research about the target audience’s language preferences and first starting with the top three language preferences. Once, the funds start getting in, and then the company can work on expanding the language preferences and its growth charts from there on. In this article, we will discuss the broader picture behind social media translations and tips for launching and maintaining a multilingual social media campaign.
The one key attribute of social media and online networking is that it encourages communication all round the world. However, there is one key drawback of diverse language preferences that is restraining the free flow of communication in the global markets. While the professionals from translation companies handling the task of multilingual communications have agreed that social media has often enabled their organizations to work more effectively across global boundaries, they also hinted that the same also led to the birth of several new problems. Here, the translation tools enter the scene to aid in the companies’ fluent online communication with their target audience in varied list of languages. The experts also urge the business to lookout for language translation agencies that possess talent spread well across the world’s geographic location and not to restrict it to one central location to get the best out of the regional dialects of the languages, too.
To make your multilingual social media campaign a success, here are a few tips to follow:
  1. Do good market research- Before entering the global arena of online business make sure to do well-research on the target markets mood, customers’ preferences and the technological trends adopted in the industry.
  2. Create specific campaigns for specific regions- Due to the varied cultural and social habits across the world; one can’t just rely on one single online campaign after getting translated will work for all the regions. Sometimes it can happen, but most of the time instead of tweaking the campaign, new campaigns gets formulated as per the regional preferences of the people.
  3. Stay updated with the regional as well as global news, trends and events- Whether it is political, cultural or any geographical update regarding the target regions, then make sure to understand them carefully and if found relevant to the industry capitalize on them with utmost caution.
  4. Hit the most relevant social media and online networks of the region- Not every social media channel is preferred in every part of the world. Henceforth, a social media campaign focused on one single social media channel won’t work everywhere.
Hire professional translators- Prefer going with the professional translators who hold good industry knowledge and are well-versed with the linguistics ethics and barriers in different regions.

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