Friday, 10 August 2018

Trends which are wheeling Translation Industry with the pace

We all know Indian translation industry comprises local language translation agencies in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, etc., and professional language translators from different suburbs of the world. Along with language translators, editors and project managers also play a major role in making the industry fly high by introducing the latest trends in the industry. But what are these trends? Here we’ve listed top 4 translation trends as noted the by the seasoned language translators in Delhi.

1.    Half of the translators do translations, editing, as well as project management
Majority of the translators across the globe working independently do all these three tasks at once. These translators hold educational degrees in translation and thus, are able to do editing as well as project management. Also, 75% of the translators employed in big translation companies in Delhi also bear the responsibility of project management and 64% also do the required editing work along with doing translation from scratch.

2.    Translators work part-time or freelancers 
In any language Translation Agency in Delhi, there is always the workforce of translators and project managers. However, it should be noted that approximately 95% of the translators work as freelancers and not full-time. These freelancing translators work with multiple translation companies in Delhi as well as international clients. Instead of hiring certified full-time translators, the companies employ full-time project managers who can get the project requirements fulfilled through the base of freelance translators.

3.    Post-editing jobs in translation are gaining popularity
Today, professionals working in any sphere want to learn more and grow more. As the job of translators has always been restricted to doing translations only, over 50% of language translators in Delhi are willing to do post-editing work if they get paid for it. Working in a translation agency in Delhi, if the translator is able to detect the errors in the industry and is capable of rectifying it, he will do the editing part if his efforts are appreciated. However, the freelancers charge extra for the editing job along with that of translation.

4.    Increasing demand for English-Spanish translations
Many translation agencies in Delhi witnessed the increasing demand for English to Spanish translations in past few years. Due to the bulk project requirements, the companies are looking for the native Spanish translators as well as native English translators who can handle the work-load conveniently. This is, further, leading to more job opportunities for the Spanish and English translators in India. 

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