Monday, 30 June 2014

For God Sake just shut-up these bulls**t

World is changing, people are changing, businesses are changing and with these unprecedented  changes how can your target audience tolerate the age old method of brand promotion; advertisements. Once these jingles were used to glue the people lips are not even worth for their witty sarcasms. Do you want to know, why ?

In this communication age where people desire to unfold the truth, where reviews and feedbacks work more strongly than celebrity endorsements, people are smart enough to gauge promotional tactics and they can no more allow their scarce time to entertain your usual follow-ups in the form of advertisement. Nowadays, authenticity is the mother of curiosity and none can befool the smart and highly informed prospect. People pay more attention to the words of familiar people in inquiring about a brand's performance or image over the merely entertaining advertisements. 

Then, what is going to supersede the traditional advertising?
Based upon sharp strategies, media relationship and customer centric approach Public Relations is a perfect marketing tool to connect the businesses with target customers. It is a proven fact that PR is a more noticeable medium of image building than advertising in front of your prospective customers and If you want to acquire more recognition, more exposure, more visibility and more profitability, all at the least expenses, then nothing can help you in achieving your goals except 'Public Relations'.  It is a medium which is more engaging, more informative and sounds more genuine due to its non-commercial nature. Hence, if you love to curtail your rising advertisement budget and are keen to leverage your organisation's image, then switch to promising PR from the unpredictable advertising. 

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