Tuesday, 1 July 2014

PR - Public to Private

Before liberalization and growth of private sector, Public Relations had been a luxury of Bollywood celebrities, high-profile politicians, government agencies and monopolists of a strictly closed Indian economy. Public Relations was quite synonymous to public sector and a small businessman or budding entrepreneur was deprived of the fruits of PR. Scene changed after liberalization and many private enterprises came into existence, parallel to this growth India witnessed growth of media houses in during the 90s IT boom and latter after the 2008 global economic recession. 

At one end businesses lost billions of dollars during the peak days of recession, but at the other instance it cited as a boon for Public Relations by media and marketing experts. Smitten by budget crises many large and medium level organisation shifted to economically feasible branding and image building media exercise known 'Public Relations' throughout the world. It gained immense popularity in a very short span of time due to its cost friendly nature and unique advantages over  the advertising such as more recognition, exposure, more media coverage and image building, all at the 20 percent cost of advertising.

PR is not restricted to a particular media, nothing is untouched form the PR, whether it is Print, Electronic or Digital Media, a good PR agency strategically use a combo of all conventional and non-conventional media. Brand Narendra Modi is the perfect and live example of the power of Public Relations(PR), Where PR strategitsts perfectly blended the SMO campaigns with print and electronic media.  The boom in social media also propelled the growth of PR and one's active presence on facebook, twitter and Linked in can really make a buzz both in the virtual and real world. With its rising popularity, accessibility and unparallel efficiency, PR is fervently embraced by new age private firms.

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