Friday, 4 July 2014

Growing Tentacles of PR in the Digital Age

Public Relations is science of image building and it is beyond business communication. The traditional PR was restricted to print media and television channels and media used to enjoy more freedom in choosing a story or covering an event. Several stories died unpublished in regular follow-ups and requests. Many a times a big event couldn't get the media attention due to the breaking political news and the press release stuck lying on the journalists' desks. Then came the digital age with a variety of news and social media portals. With the presence of facebook, Twitter and Youtube it become much easier to connect with the target audiences.

Digital media provided customised and effective tools to promote a campaign, whether it is sports event or fashion show modern PR Agencies are equipped with result generating social media tools to make a campaign successful at mass level and with the masses. PR agencies are still learning the potential of social media as digital PR is comparatively a novel concept and sometimes  clients show ignorance about the benefits of digital PR. But, modern PR agencies are hiring SEO and SMO experts as these agencies are well convinced by effectiveness of non-conventional media. 

Today, youths targeted industries like fashion, gadgets, mobile accessories and art & entertainment are specifically availing the social media, as youths spend most of their spare time on social networking sites. Digital media spreads virally and influence a lot on people decision making behaviour. Smart marketers very well understand the significance of digital media in shaping the overall brand perception. In fact, the traditional PR is incomplete without the contribution of Digital PR in the revolutionised world of social media.  

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