Saturday, 19 July 2014

Public Relations for Start-up Businesses

Many new players entered in the market with big bang, but they vanished in silence and it is tough for majority to even recall their exact name. A start-up organisation usually encounters many entry level barriers and tough competition from the existing big players in the market. During the life-cycle of a brand, it suffers identity crisis most at the initial phase of its launch. First impression is the last impression, this age old axiom goes perfectly well with the entry level brands. The major concern is, that these recognition constraints can't be treated as teething problems and their ill effects can even kill an emerging brand in its infancy stage. Public Relations works to regulate the image of a brand and the organisation.

If you’re going to launch some innovative products or unique services and market odds are annoying you than hire a reputed PR agency to inform the target audience about your start-up and buzz the market with high aplomb. Newbie usually pay their entire focus on marketing to promote a product/service, but promotion and recognition are two entirely different things. Recognition gives name and image, how can you promote something  which doesn't have a recognised name and image in the market. Lack of understanding about the PR drags the businesses into a closure path and they bear immense losses due to the over expenses in advertising and promotion.       

PR plays a crucial role in converting a product into brand and creates a positive image among the investors. PR introduces a new born brand to the public through various media channels and it also reinforce word-of-mouth publicity. Effective SEO and SMO exercise under the domain of Digital PR improves your rank on Google search. Similarly, positive reviews in print and social media motivates the readers to use or at least search your brand. All in all PR makes your brand trustworthy in the market and helps in creating and retaining your customers. 

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