Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Digital Media is going to lead the PR, VERY SOON.

Social media is getting more social in impacting the public relations in the digital age. In a report published by Public Relations Society of America,  social media are being utilized on an ever-increasing basis by corporations and other organizations. Both MNCs' and small firms are using social media to meet the  ever increasing demand of Public Relations. For last 10-12 years PR is went through a drastic change and for the third time in a row, this research found the influence of traditional mainstream news media continuing to weaken.

Twitter, and  Facebook are the most frequently accessed online medium for public relations activities. After Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn and You Tube are the most frequently used sites. Armed with articles, blogs and status updates these social media sites are enhancing the impact of public relations. The Digital PR is more effective than traditional mainstream media PR as youths are more friendly and comfortable with the digital media.
To obtain the optimum results from the Public Relations activities, the strategic blend of traditional and digital media can.

Marketing and PR experts predict that social media is going to rule the future and the share of traditional medical will decline with the passage of time. Even some of these trade pandits opined that majority of the B and C Grades newspaper will vanish by the end of current decade. Although, digital media is going to devour the major share of print media, but it is equally true that an elite section is strictly adhere with the print media and they can't live without quality print content. Hence, the fittest will survive and print media has its own specific niche which can never be replaced by the digital format. Days ahead are going to be more happening for the PR industry as the combo of traditional and digital media is going to culminate the industry, like never before.

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