Thursday, 21 December 2017

Measurement: The Core Value of today’s PR World

Public Relations (PR), an industry that has been there supporting the marketing world since very long but remained under the cover has gained much recognition and appreciation in the recent times. And with every passing year PR firms are proving their worth much more effectively in delivering credible and involving messages that are all a good mix of durability, effectiveness and  relatively cost- saving.  The long lasting, effective and being inexpensive combo offers a strong return-on-investment (ROI). And while working towards a positive ROI, PR professionals need to make sure they assess and measure their PR output and outcomes.
As measurement becomes the sole objective to be effective with in this hyper paced PR world, practitioners need to focus more on research and evaluation to set objectives, develop strategy, and improve performance over time. A number of concerns solved with research and evaluation are:
  • Validation of efforts: There is value in validating what one has in his/ her knowledge because one never knows that a PR success for them might not be a victory for those funding the program. In addition, one never knows what new facts and information one might learn that is both transformative and benefitting for their work.
  • Clarity of Objectives: The setting up of research and measurement criteria involves those present at the senior management desk thus confirming that the objectives adequately reflect the brand’s requirements. The defining process itself offers the PR practitioners an immense scope of learning and prioritizing experience.
  • Results lead to growth: The results of the research done to analyze the PR activities are not to be used as a measurement scorecard. Instead, it needs to be looked upon as feedback helping the professional in ensuring the delivery of a better PR results. 

It’s vital for the PR companies to advocate the ROI thinking in their PR professionals to ensure constant delivery of success amongst all the clients of the firm. Once the commitment to measurement gets developed then there is no looking back and the only destination for the PR journey is success and appreciation.

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