Thursday, 21 December 2017

Why PR is the most reliable tool for NGO’s

NGO’s are the organizations which address certain political or social causes and operate independently without the interference of the government. The goal and objectives of NGO is never making profits, which gives them an inherent right to being credit worthy. You must be wondering that why would an NGO need PR agencies and PR services? To understand the answer to that question it is important to understand that work of PR agencies. Its primary work it to convey the messages of the companies to the general public, and influencing the public as per the demand of the company via an unpaid mode. Therefore, now it is easy to comprehend that the media relations firms choose the required media platforms to influence the people in such a way that they support the cause of the NGO.

There are various things that media relations firms can do as a part of their PR services to help the NGO fulfil its cause.

1.       Attract celebrities like actors and politicians
It is not hidden that actors and politicians are the most influential people around you. The bigger the actor, the more influential they will be. It is a great way to convey the message to a large group of audience. Today many actors and politicians are involved with NGO’s. Prime Minister NarendraModi’sSwachh Bharat Abhiyan is the biggest example of how they can influence the mindset of the people.

2.       Create social awareness-
The involvement of a PR firm makes it easier for the NGO’s to create a certain degree of social awareness towards the agenda they want to resolve. It is important for them to communicate the story of their establishment to the general public. Things like why it was formed, how successful it is and what it needs to be more successful. Till they are not able to communicate the message, nobody will be aware of it.

3.       Brand Awareness-
It is important for the NGO’s to get the maximum amount of public visibility. PR agencies help the NGO’s in building a brand and creating a brand awareness. If a better brand awareness is created, then the chances of getting a higher amount of funding increases which helps in faster growth of the NGO and helps in improving the lifestyle of the people who need the NGO

4.       Support of the Public-
An NGO is not made for the purpose of making profits. It is made to help and support the people. To carry out a big NGO, it is important to get the support of the public. If the public supports you in your cause, then half your battle is already won. But you can get that support, only if your PR agency conveys the correct message to the general public.

Delhi is the political hub of India which makes the branding firms in Delhi well aware of the methods of publicizing NGO’s. The branding firms in Delhi, know the importance of communicating the correct social message to the people. 

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