Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Have Command over Translation and Conquer the World

After healthcare, translation is the second fastest growing industry in the service sector. Organisations and people with good translation skills are marking big profits in the truly expandable world of business.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, translation is going to be the fifth fastest growing occupation by 2022. After the economic recession of 2008, the maximum numbers of multinational corporations are shifting their focus from Europe and America to emerging economies of BRICS countries, South East Asia, Middle East and some parts of Africa and South America. As businesses are shifting their bases and annexing the new territories and markets the knowledge about the language and culture of these explored market is must for the businesses those want expand.
Hyundai, Samsung, and LG are the leading brands in automobiles and consumer electronics in India, but all these three companies are from South Korea. People in India are either comfortable in Hindi or English, whereas Korean is the language of aliens for them which they neither understand or they can communicate. Therefore, if these brands want to survive and grow in the Indian market they must employ people who are familiar with the local languages as well as the Korean language which is almost impossible. Hence, hiring translators of the Korean language is the only solution to fill the communication gap.

In total 196 countries of the world, people speak more than 7000 languages and among these 20 languages play a vital role in the international business; prominent are English, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, French and Spanish. All these languages are popular in countries which are the global economic powers and have expertise in both manufacturing and service sector.

Businesses cannot sustain merely on technology and quality, communication with the local target audience and media bridges the gap between them. Here, professional translators in cities like Delhi and Mumbai play a vital role for converting all types corporate and promotional communication in the local languages. They coordinate with the management, communication planners, advertising & PR team and with other key members of the organisation. A good translator sensibly understand the need of the marketers and requirement of the market, after a thorough analysis, he/she do the translation of a document or message considering the culture and socio-economic factors of the target market.

There are n numbers of language translation agencies in Delhi, but, do they all provide quality translation or not is a big question. Before hiring professional translation services in India, an organisation should strictly check the qualifications of the translators, past projects, details of clients and testimonials of the agency. No doubt after doing a rigorous research, businesses can find some good translation agencies in Delhi and their professional services can surely help in magnifying the image and improving the revenue of a business organisation. From the aforesaid discussion, you can easily analyse the demand of professional translators in the growing global market. Then, don't wait polish your translation skills and let the world follow you!

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