Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Save the world from linguistic infections

As the world population continues to grow up in numbers, also increasing is the spread of many harmful viruses and bacteria among individuals. The high population density has not just degraded the public health but has also turned out to be a serious threat to the health of several languages spoken around the world. Like the epidemics of different diseases taking a toll on the human health, the languages across the world have also become contaminated, sick and are even dying.

The depleting level of linguistic skills among humans has also brought serious issues in the translation procedure. Whether one goes for international languages like Persian, Portuguese, German, French translation services or for regional Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil or Odia translation, the language problem is same for them all. People are blindly following the word-to-word translation services instead of focusing on conveying the same meaning from one language to another. 

Following are the main factors behind these dangerous linguistic infections:

Globalization: As the nation’s start expanding their trade & commerce globally, so has expanded the scope of their languages. The confluence of two cultures has always brought certain trade jargons with an inability to get the accurate sense of other party’s deal through poor translation being the prime one. Nothing other than the simple business transactions gets understood by both the parties, thus leaving them nowhere to strengthen their relations and take the business forward. 

Technology: The technological revolution has definitely been a boon for the people in many ways, but for languages, it has served no good. Digital age that has took over the world by stop, has completely wiped out the grammatical and other linguistic rules of any language. The simple thing they wish to do is to communicate quickly be it from emoticons, abbreviations, images, etc. It has even overshadowed the future of many languages and their translations like Hindi to English translation, English to Spanish translation and many more.

Reading is no more a habit: People nowadays are running away from reading, they just switch to their T.V sets, computers or smartphones for entertainment and pass time. Only a few are left who prefer language enhancement with reading as a practice till now otherwise most of the people are having a deficit of books in their lives. Google has replaced books and this replaced has brought the epidemic of misspelling and misused terms all around the world and in all sorts of languages. 

Linguistic experts, educators and translators around the world need to look into these issues and take some immediate steps to save the languages; otherwise, the time isn’t far when many of the languages will get dissolved. With the languages fading away from the global scene many of the cultures interlinked with them will also get dissolved. So, save languages to save the cultures and traditions of several communities around the world.

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